2015 PSPL Surf Academy Team

12 FC Spokane Players

January 19. 2015 - 12 FC Spokane players were selected for the 2015 PSPL Surf Academy Team.  The Puget Sound Premier League offers opportunities for top players to improve their technical ability and boost their exposure to college and national team scouts.  These select players will represent the league and the state of Washington in US Club Soccer PDP regional events and in national showcase tournaments.  Players will train monthly, twice-monthly or weekly depending on the program and the competitive cycle.


Congratulations to the following FC Spokane players:

Boys 1997

Taylor Caudill

Boys 1998

Ethan Dreves

Parker Gorrill

Chase Reidt

Boys 2000

Andrew Bertone

Brendan Bertone

Noah Dreves

Nicholas Haggerty

Noah Schorzman

Boys 2001

Caden Martin

Kyle Van Liew

Boys 2002

Jonah Brown

Great jobs boys, We are very proud of you all.