Caden Martin Selected for US Club id2 Program!!

id2 For Top Players In The Nation




February 21, 2014 - Caden Martin of the FC Spokane B-00 Black team has been selected to participate in the US Club Soccer id2 Program. As part of the program Caden will be exposed to some of the best coaches and players in the nation. We wish Caden the best of the luck as he prepares for this wonderful opportunity.

The id2 Program which targets boys born in 2001 and girls born in 2000, will be held March 20-23 at Nike World Headquarters near Portland, Ore.

Approximately 60 boys and 60 girls will attend the camp. Opportunities for players at id² Training Camps include: training with some of the nation’s best coaches, playing with and against some of the nation’s best players in their age group, exposure to U.S. Soccer scouts, and off-the-field guest speakers and classroom sessions – creating a multi-faceted learning experience.

Top performers from the Spring 2014 id² Training Camps, as well as from a pair of camps to come in the fall, will be selected for id² National Selection programming at the end of the cycle.

Recommendations for players with national team potential are submitted for inclusion to one of two id² National Training Camps. These recommendations supplement US Club Soccer’s own scouting process, which uses a network of scouts at various leagues and events to identify players.  

Now in its 11th year, the id² Program provides an opportunity for the country’s top youth soccer players to be identified and developed, and scouted for inclusion in U.S. Soccer’s National Team programs. Open to all qualified players regardless of affiliation, or lack thereof, the id² Program is an Olympic Development Program approved by the U.S. Olympic Committee and U.S. Soccer Federation.

The targeted age groups for each id² Program cycle are established every year in consultation with U.S. Soccer in order to align with the scouting priorities for the U-14 National Teams.

There is no cost to players to be identified for or participate in the id² Program. For id² Training Camps, all lodging, meals and training gear are provided at no cost by US Club Soccer and Nike.

For more information on the US Club Soccer id2 Program please watch the video below: