Spokane Sounders Announce Tryout and ID Dates

Shadow and FC Spokane Continue to Progress in Cooperation

SSC Shadow and FC Spokane are pleased to announce that both clubs have agreed to further work together! Previously, 2002 and older are groups were to be combined together at the Premier (RCL) level of play, but both clubs have continued to work out details and are pleased to announce that all Premier level age groups, 2006 and older, will be a combined effort as one.

Spokane Sounders Premier Tryout Schedule

In conjunction with the Seattle Sounders, SSC Shadow and FC Spokane are ecstatic for the upcoming Spokane Sounders tryouts!

"This is an excellent and exciting development in our continued efforts to work closely with one another in providing the best opportunites for youth players in the greater Spokane community to excel and attain soccer goals that each individual may reach for," said SSC Shadow Technical Director Abbas Faridnia.

Select level soccer will continue to remain separate for both clubs.

Further information, such as coaching assignments, program overview, and directors will be announced in the coming weeks.


Contact Jay Vela for any questions at jvela@fcspokane.com